Friday, April 17, 2015

Sarah Kay TED Talk S/R

In “If I should have a daughter” by Sarah Kay, she expresses the idea that the best way to go through life is open-mindedly. She tells stories from personal experience about how her life changed once she tried something new to illustrate what new opportunities can come. Life can be lead in many different ways, and the idea of staying open to new things is the way Kay promotes as the way people should live. Mistakes are made often, and closed-minded people will shame themselves for it, whereas open-minded people will find a way to create something new.
Sarah Kay’s “If I should have a daughter” TED Talk correctly portrays that everyone should go through life open, rather than closed off in order to rediscover the wonder that life can hold. Kay describes her past as a shy girl finding her voice through spoken word poetry. She took a chance at doing something new, and it brought her into an endless world of opportunities. Having an open mind is one of the best ways to create an interesting, unique life. The possibilities become endless when everything can be taken into consideration. When something comes along in life that is uncertain, taking the risk is usually better avoiding the chance you have. That is how to learn lessons in life. Take chances that seem impossible at the time, and experience what a special thing it is to be a part of something new. Making mistakes is a good thing to do; it teaches people how to thrive and succeed more the next time. Leading life with a closed mind will lead to no adventures and nothing new in the world. So many accidents and mistakes become great successes after they happen.
Fireworks were created by mistake. A chinese chef was simply experimenting in the kitchen, and suddenly they came about. Instead of belittling himself for the mistake, he became proud of it. Now, that mistake is used as a beautiful celebration of life and joy. Children should be raised having open minds, so they do not wonder “What if?” as they grow up. Saying yes to opportunities will be the best way to create their own lives. In school, many kids go through correcting their mistakes and learning the way they are used to. Being open to trying new techniques and angles could expand their knowledge so much, rather than sticking to the same old thing. The world has the possibility to be such a different place, full of people who are not afraid to say “yes”. Society could rediscover what beautiful things life can bring, but that is not possible with a world full of closed-minded people. Life is like a path through a forest.
It is impossible to tell what is at the end of this path until you finally come to it. Similarly, no one ever knows how something will end unless they go all the way. The world has so much potential, it only needs a little encouragement to try new things that come along. I try to go through life the way Kay illustrates; open-minded, open-hearted, and open-handedly. I introduce myself to new people in an effort to make new friends, I look at things from others’ perspective and I don’t judge books by their covers. Sarah Kay brought a light-hearted humor to the stage, and made the audience feel as though they know her. She told her life story with no shame to connect her points together, and it grasped the attention of people wanting to follow along. She laughed often, and her voice showed clear passion toward what she was talking about. Kay demonstrated the open view of life she promotes in the way she interacted with people and never had a dull moment. Everyone should learn to have this outlook on life, and the world would be a happier place. The first step is to make a mistake; it could explode into a firework of possibilities.

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